Hard Times (Come Again No More)

Old Timey Tuesday!  This week, Tyle and I (and my Great Grandmother's sun bonnet) travel back to 1854 to sang ya an old parlor song called "Hard Times (Come Again No More)."  Written by Stephen Foster, it asks us to consider those less fortunate than ourselves.  In honor of that thought, She's Folks has made a donation to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.  In addition,  the proceeds of any purchases of our recording of "Hard Times" from our Band Camp page will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe DAPL Donation Fund.  

You can also donate to them directly: http://standingrock.org/news/standing-rock-sioux-tribe--dakota-access-pipeline-donation-fund/ As we enter the season of giving thanks, I figure the best way to express gratitude is to give something back.  

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From all of us, Betsy, Tyler, Tyler, Alex, Khaki, and Ted, thanks for watching!

Elizabeth MorganComment