Old Timey Tuesdays! Bread and Roses - with Firebrand Theatre

It's another Old Timey Tuesday! Today, we are joined by the lovely ladies from Firebrand Theatre, Harmony France and Danni Smith as well as Sharriese Hamilton and our own Khaki Pixley for some election day Woman Power. This week's tune was originally an anthem of the women's labor movement in the early 1900's when women were working under deplorable conditions. Soon after, the Suffrage movement took the piece on as part of their cry, and women having been singing it ever since as a song of unity, determination and equal rights. Special thanks to my Momma for introducing me to it.

Today, many people are still being denied the right to vote. As this is an historic election day, we wanted to acknowledge those that fought in the past and those that are still fighting today for equality, choice, visibility, and their right to vote.

Firebrand Theatre is an exciting part of the fight for visibility. They are "committed to employing and empowering women by expanding their opportunities on and off the stage." We at She's Folks love that mission, and are grateful to share our little Old Timey stage with them. As they say in the song, "Hearts starve as well as bodies. Bread and roses! Bread and roses!" Donate to Firebrand's cause and feed hearts with female-centered art: http://firebrandtheatre.org/donate/ It's 100% tax deductible.

Get out there and vote today, friends! "It is bread we fight for. But we fight for roses, too."

Join us tomorrow night at 9:00pm Central on our Facebook page! We're coming to you LIVE to make a special announcement about our next thing! 

Elizabeth Morgan