Red is the Rose

Old Timey Tuesday!  Sure, St Patrick's Day is over but Te, Tyle, Ale and Bets certainly couldn't let the opportunity pass to share a good ol' Irish tune (and our collection of aran sweaters).  Joining us is our friend Garrett Lut who adores the song "Red is the Rose."  We do too, in fact longtime Old Timey Tuesdays fans may notice that "Red is the Rose" shares the same tune as "The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond" (check out our weirdo version here: ).  Borrowing melodies is a long-standing tradition in folk music.  We'd like to thank the cast of BoHo Theatr's Urinetown for letting us borrow Garrett!  Catch him AND Alex in the final weekend of this hilarious and timely show.  For more info, click here:  Don't miss it!

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