Hobo's Lullaby

Old Timey Tuesdays! The Folks are partial to train songs, it's true. Betsy grew up in very close proximity to "the tracks", and her Gramps worked on the B&O, and was a bonafide "train guy." In honor of him and all those lonesome whistles of her youth, she wrote her own train tune (that will be appearing on our new EP! More on that very soon...) The railroads have always been a rich source of subculture and folk music. Today, we combine a little of both in the song, "Hobo's Lullaby," by Goebel Reeves. Betsy learned it at the Old Town School of Folk Music right here in Chicago and fell in love with it. It was good ol' Woody Guthrie that made this tune famous. We wanted to give a little context along with our version so we included some of the Library of Congress' stunning photos of the famed Rail Riders. (Train culture is like, this whole thing. More on that later, too). Here's Betsy and Tyler with "Hobo's Lullaby."

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