Old Timey Tuesday: Masters of War (cover)

It is once again Old Timey Tuesday. This was not our originally scheduled Old Timey for this week. In fact, it is the "newest" Old Timey number I've ever done as it was written 1963. Still, I wanted to share a song from The Voice of Protest himself, Bob Dylan. This is a cover of "Masters of War." However, Dylan adapted this song using the traditional English folk melody "Nottamun Town" (Roud 1044.) So it's an old timey after all! I picked it because it states quite clearly, "You that hide behind walls, you that hide behind desks, We just want you to know that we see through your masks." Make no mistake, She's Folks stands firmly with #NoBanNoWall. Folk music is the soundtrack to peaceful movements. This is a piece from the past. As I fumble with my own writing, I look forward to hearing the work of our generation as we speak up for peace, liberty, civil rights, justice, freedom, and humanity. Teach us the words and the melody and we will sing with you. We already know the sentiment.

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Join us for an evening of laughter, great music, and taking a stand for the vulnerable. By participating in Fixed Abode II, you send a message that Chicago not only welcomes refugees, but also engages its resources to aid in their economic and social transformation here in our city. We're all in this together. After all, everybody has to live somewhere.

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Elizabeth Morgan