Old Timey Tuesdays: Shady Grove

Old Timey Tuesday!*  This week, Tyler and I, plus a hell of a lot of cicadas,  are in a shady grove sharing "Shady Grove," an American courting song adapted from the traditional English/Scottish ballad called "Matty Groves."  It has been recorded by everyone from The Chieftains to Taj Mahal to Jerry Garcia.  There are over 300 stanzas documented.  We picked three verses with two chorus variations.  Still, as it moves quickly, you may not notice this little ditty only contains two chords.  An argument for keeping it simple, this is easily one of my favorite songs.   

Up next for the Folks is Tyler's variety show:  Fixed Abode - a benefit for refugees.  She's Folks will perform alongside many other Chicago performers such as our friend and collaborator (and now Jeff-nominated!) Diego Colón, as well as Christina Hall, Trevor Reusch, Hillary Marren, and many many more! Tickets are available at http://www.uptownunderground.net/ox_portfolio/fixed-abode/.  Only $12 and all proceeds will go to Loom Chicago

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Do you have an old-timey tune you love?  Let us know and we might give it the She's Folks spin!

*On Old Timey Tuesdays we feature folk, bluegrass, country, blues, ballads, and work songs we love. Some we grew up singin'. Some we've discovered along the way. These songs don't appear in our live shows. But we love them too much not to play them. We hope you love them too.

May the Folk be with you.

Elizabeth Morgan