EGG BALLS (Episode 2)

Today, we dig into a recipe straight from the good people of Charleston, SC, and we're not sure they want it back. Join Betsy as she whips together a disturbing concoction of boiled eggs, butter, and breadcrumbs and serves them to She's Folks fellas, Ted and Alex who don't deserve it.

4 eggs, hard boiled
1/8 pound butter
Salt and red pepper
Worcestershire Sauce
Celery Seed
"Rich" Bread Crumbs

Grate eggs and cream with butter.  Season to taste with red pepper, Worcestshire sauce, and celery seed.  Make into balls, put in ice box to set, then roll in rich bread crumbs that have been browned in oven.  Equal parts of mashed fish and a few pinches of chipped parsely may be added to creamed eggs and rolled in bread crumbs.  Makes 16-18 balls.

From Mrs Charles Waring, ie. Margaret Simonds
(Many thanks to our friend Daren who shared this awful thing with us.)

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