Season Finale: The Parting Glass

It's our 50th Old Timey Tuesday AND our ONE YEAR anniversary of creating our spin on old timey tunes for you (almost) every week! It all started on an early June Tuesday evening when Betsy gave CiCi Rider a spin. After that we plowed through Shady Grove, Cripple Creek, Wayfaring Stranger, The Banks of the Ohio, Longtime Traveler, The Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond, Mary of the Moors, Blue Moon of Kentucky, and so many more. This week, we're closing up shop for the summer with our season finale, and frequent She's Folks closer: The Parting Glass. (Thanks to William Morgan for filming!)

Huge thanks to all our special guests from this past year: Micky York, Aaron C. Holland, Diego Colón, Christina Hall, James Nedrud, Tommy Bullington, Betsy's inlaws Charlie and Kim Morgan, her nephew Teddy, her sisters Ellen Kohart Erickson and Eve Green; Sharriese Hamilton, Harmony France, Danni Smith, Garrett Lutz, Patrick Tierney, and Landree Fleming. And thanks to all the Fixed Aboders who joined in - Hillary Marren, the Wild Earp folks - Andrew Yearick , Kiley B. Moore, Alan Mayne; Dan Fager, Jeff Diebold, And David Kaplinsky.

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From all of us with She's Folks, Betsy, Tyler, Tyler, Alex,, Ted, and Khaki - Thanks for watching! Have a great summer! We can't wait to share what's next.

Elizabeth Morgan