Old Timey Tuesdays! Goodbye Old Paint

It's Old Timey Tuesdays* once again!  This time, we're heading up the trail with my favorite cowboy song.  I learned this song as a kid from a collection of patriotic tunes along with other cowboy numbers like "I'm Going to Leave Old Texas Now", "The Old Chisolm Trail" and "Git Along Little Dogies" (Check out our recording of Dogies right here.)  I also know "Deep in the Heart of Texas", but that one I learned from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. True story.

The simple sound of cowboy songs has always appealed to me.  There is an emotional depth, due perhaps to their origins on the lonesome trail.  It is an entire genre dedicated mostly to saying "goodbye."  

"Goodbye, Old Paint" should not be confused with another trail song, "I Ride an Old Paint."  A great song!  But not the same.  

Here's me and Tyler T with our version of "Goodbye, Old Paint."  

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*On Old Timey Tuesdays we feature old North American folk, bluegrass, country, blues, ballads, and work songs we love.  Some we grew up singin'.  Some we've discovered along the way. These songs don't appear in our live shows.  But we love them too much not to play them.  We hope you love them too. 

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Elizabeth Morgan