Old Timey Tuesdays! Cripple Creek

It's Old Timey Tuesday!  This week, we're featuring an old bluegrass number.  Usually Cripple Creek is instrumental and hard and fast.  But Cripple Creek has lesser-known lyrics, so we're slowin' 'er down a hair so you can hear us yelling about being drunk.

Still, banjo is the star of Cripple Creek and remains the  main event in our version.  Here's Betsy and Tyler with Cripple Creek.

*On Old Timey Tuesdays we feature old North American folk, bluegrass, country, blues, ballads, and work songs we love.  Some we grew up singin'.  Some we've discovered along the way. These songs don't appear in our live shows.  But we love them too much not to play them.  We hope you love them too.