Old Timey Tuesdays! Wondrous Love

Old Timey Tuesday!  The Folks are taking a break for the holidays, but please enjoy a little short of us in rehearsal by Tyler Core, underscored by a true old timey tune:  Wondrous Love.  Wondrous Love is a sacred harp piece circa 1811.  The melody dates back to 1701! If you really want to nerd it out (we usually do) this piece is sung in Dorian mode which gives it that special medieval sound. We often perform this one live.  If you dig the track, you can grab our recording on most major platforms: https://open.spotify.com/track/3cjONOGFjrnpCShGwLYH4Z

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From all of us at She's Folks, Happy Holidays!  Thanks for watching Old Timey Tuesdays!

Elizabeth Morgan