She's Folks Manifesto*

Story. Song. Sass.



We want to cultivate connection, kindness, generosity, authenticity, love, courage, vulnerability, listening, inclusion, and humor.

We seek to collaborate, affiliate, celebrate, and partner with artists, venues, institutions, organizations, vendors and audiences that share our values.

We leave spaces, venues, and people (including each other) a little better than when we began.   

We want to support our lives and our loved ones with our art.

We are not a non-profit.

With apologies to Edith Wharton, we want to be the candle AND the mirror that reflects it.

We do not wait for inspiration.

We will not engage in perfectionism, trend, the zeitgeist, groupthink, unearned intimacy, panic, echo chambers, appropriation, false dichotomies, nostalgia, comparison, cool, fearmongering, divisiveness, deception, dehumanizing, shaming, zero sum mentality, or bullshit.

 We support movements, causes, and organizations that elevate human dignity, bolster compassion for the earth and living things, and advocate for  peace and progress.  

 We don’t convert, sell, convince, or persuade. We resonate.  We decide if we’re doing a good job.  

 We provide a reason for people to gather in a room together, which we need to do now more than ever.


We create art that (based on the Seven Elements of Great Theatre): 

            Is entertaining.
            Encourages empathy.
            Creates ritual.
            Is an invitation.
            Provides spectacle.
            Has a sense of humor.
            Bridges styles, genres, worlds, ideas, beliefs, and barriers.             


Start with gratitude.
Come as you are.
Use what you’ve got.
Ask for what you want.
Don’t wait.
There’s more where that came from.
Let’s see what we can do.
Show up.
Be seen.
Tell the truth.
Make the call. 
Make the cut.
Allow for discomfort.
Do what we say we’re going to do.
Have fun!
Take a risk.
Take the hard note.
Feelings matter.
Be flexible.
We’ll figure it out.
There is no such thing as “ready.”
How can we help?
Wouldn’t it be great if...
Think big.
Work small.
Go the extra mile.
Speak up.
Reach out.
Love is action.
Mistakes happen.
Miracles happen.
When stuff stops working, say so.
Yes means hell yes. 
No is a complete sentence.
Enthusiasm is a form of love.
There’s room for everyone.


The buck stops with me.  Ultimately, I own every slip or stumble that happens under my name or the label She’s Folks.  

All of your time, lives, ambitions, projects, families and commitments are equally as important as mine and deserve the same
respect and attention.  

I will not ask for feedback when I’m actually looking for support, encouragement, accolades, or attention.

I will tell the truth. 

I won’t make decisions from a place of fear.  

When we come together, the space becomes sacred, although not necessarily the work.  

 It is an honor and privilege to make stuff with you

This manifesto includes ideas from Ann Bogart, Seth Godin, Danielle Laporte, the great philosophers, Tina Fey, Marie Forleo, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Jesus, Brene Brown, Dolly Parton, Tim Ferris, My Mom and Dad, Mary Oliver, Susan Messing, Rumi, Bruce Lee, Jack Kerouac, Diana Vreeland, Buddha, Nellie Bly, Dave Grohl, Bill Murray, good books, daytime tv, rock and roll, broadway musicals, old movies, therapy, divine inspiration, old friends, dumb luck, screw ups, stumbles, late nights, early mornings, and some damn hard work. 

*Why write a manifesto?  I wanted to remind myself how I think when I’m thinkin’ straight.  I wanted to have something to bounce my work against that represents who I am, who I want to be, what I want to live up to and embody, and how I want to work.  I wrote this not for the good times, but for the times we need to remind ourselves who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what we believe in.