(From Left to Right)
ALEX NEWKIRK - Music Director, Keys, Vocals
TED KITTERMAN - Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
ELIZABETH MORGAN - Creator, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keys
TYLER THOMPSON - Banjo, Ukulele, Penny Whistle, Vocals
TYLER CORE - Percussion

     She's Folks began as a one-night-only cabaret event created by Elizabeth Morgan in 2015 as an homage to her rural upbringing and love of folk music, as well as a little down home respite from musical theatre and her citified acting career.  The evening was a hit, so "Betsy" and the Boys continued to perform at several small venues throughout Chicago.  While the show began cabaret-style, featuring covers of country and folk rock music, Betsy began integrating her original songs, as well as new arrangements of pieces from the public domain transitioning She's Folks from cabaret to an original concert-style piece showcasing her signature "Story, Song and Sass."  In August of 2016, they debuted with two sold out nights at Steppenwolf's newly minted LookOut theatre.  In December of 2016, they premiered She's Folks' Holiday Hootenanny, a seasonal version of the show, at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.  In November of 2017, they will release their first EP, Elizabeth Morgan - She's Folks.
     She’s Folks! is a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, and a lot of laughs. Journey from the city to farm country and back again through folk and country music, hilarious stories, soaring harmonies, and a wry view of the folks back home.
     With her signature Story, Song, and Sass,  Morgan narratively travels her native Midwestern byways, railroads, and fields by truck, train and tractor, introducing the audience to original tunes such as "I-90 Take Me Home," "Little Town Girl," Trains," "The Threshold," "Back Home," and "The Truck Stop Where I Hung Out in High School," as well as beloved folk songs, covers, and hymns.
     She's Folks happily sits between genres and art forms integrating traditional folk, folk rock, bluegrass, gospel, and country music, comedy, theatre, and memoir all with a Midwestern spin. The tie that binds is story.         
     She's Folks! is a love letter to the country from a kid who couldn't wait to leave. Where do we belong if we walk away?  This show reckons, "Home isn't the place; it's the folks."

SARAH BOCKEL - Vocals, Ukulele

Where did "She's Folks" Come From?

Source:   The Dictionary of American Regionalisms

Source:  The Dictionary of American Regionalisms

“See me!” called the little triumphant voice of Blossom. And Judy, lifting frightened eyes and holding her breath as she looked, saw. A small, swaying figure was coming toward her very slowly, over the hard sand. Blossom – it was Blossom! She was swaying unsteadily a step or two, but —she was walking!
“See me! See me!” cried Blossom. “I’m walkin’, Judy, don’t you see? I came a-walkin’ down to meet you! It’s a s’prise!”
Someone caught up the little figure and came leaping down to Judith with great strides of triumph.
“That’s enough to s’prise her – mustn’t do much of it at a time yet,” Jemmy Three said gayly. “You’ve got to begin easy. Yes!” in answer to Judy’s speechless pleading, “yes, sir, she’s goin’ to be a reg’lar walker, now, ain’t you, Blossom? Yes, sir; no more bein’ toted – she’s folks!”
From Judith Lynn: A Story of the Sea by Annie Hamilton Donnell, 1906


Elizabeth is an actor, singer, writer, musician, and raconteur.  “Betsy” grew up amongst ragweed and farm animals in rural northwestern Ohio. She graduated from Miami University (OH) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting. In 2004, she moved to Chicago where she has performed with many theatre companies including Backstage, Boho, Circle, City Lit, Hell in a Handbag, Kokandy Productions, Quest, and Theatre Building Chicago.  She will be appearing in Hell in a Handbag’s upcoming parody of Bewitched! as Samantha Stevens.

Betsy is known for her diverse performance resume including industrial film,  musical theatre, comedy, high camp, drama, and collaboratively devised theatre, as well as her passion for traditional folk music, bluegrass and early country. 

Betsy currently writes and stars in her onstage memoir She’s Folks!, as well as her weekly web series, Old Timey Tuesdays. She will be releasing her album, She’s Folks this fall. She is represented by Big Mouth Talent.

Find her at,, and @shesfolks.






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